Should gamespersonship be accepted as part of sport?

It already is part of sports. I can't imagine how it could be excluded from the world of contests in that gamespersonship implies that you will do whatever you can WITHIN the rules to triumph. However, someone who practiced gamespersonship would seem to me to lack sportspersonship -- and that would be worse than unfortunate. Though play, sport participation is a serious business. Rituals are vehicles of meaning in our society and sports is one of the last of our rituals.

I am sad to say that I have, of late, been to a few funerals of people in their twenties and thirties who died long before their time. From the videos and photos at the services, it was very clear that their identities as athletes was such an important of who they took themselves to be. Sports were at the core. And there is a level of pushing the limits of the rules that violates the spirit of sports. I train boxers and once in a while in a bout a boxer slips on water in the ring that has been left there from cornerwork between rounds. Though it would be "legal" you seldom see a fighter indulge in the gamespersonship that would be taking advantage and attacking the boxer who slipped. Doing so would be gamespersonship and yet a sin against the sport. So no, I don't think it SHOULD be part of sports. But where to draw the line as to what is and isn't pushing the limit, is another question that would have to be taken on a case by case basis.

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