I'm starting a philosophy club at my university and I need a good name! Get creative and let me know what cool names you guys can give me for this club. Hope to hear from you.

I will try. Sometime philosophers have taken up names based on location or convictions. In the former, there was in the 20th century the Vienna Circle and in the 17th century there was Cambridge Platonism. In terms of convictions there have been movements and societies that employ names (like Platonism) or ideas (Ordinary Philosophy, British Idealism) or references to groups (e.g. the art and philosophy reading group) or exchanges (e.g. the Science Conversation) or to the ways in which a club might carry out its philosophical activity (e.g. 'the philosophy forum'). You can find a list of societies recognized by the American Philosophical Association and one or another term or name might seem attractive.

OK, so you want something "cool." This probably means something better that Yhposolihp Bulc which is 'Philosophy Club" spelled backwards (though if you really are going backwards probably Bulc Yhposolihp might be more apt). So, setting aside the lame and the ridiculous..... Sometimes something that seems not-cool can become cool. Here might be an example of a name that may (or may not) catch attention for its oddity...

The "Excuse me, but I am not sure what you mean. Let's talk." Philosophy Club


The "let's do some anti-boring philosophy" club

Or, you could borrow a technical "cool" term from another area. For example, pilots have a term for ideal flying condition: Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited, abbreviated CAVU. You could go with something like:

The CAVU Philosophy Club

which would hint that it is a club that seeks to do philosophy under ideal conditions.

OK, I feel like I have failed you, but I tried.... But at least I did not come up with something corny like: The Philosophy Club; Loving wisdom since 399 BCE

399 BCE, being the date we believe Socrates was executed...

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